5 Best MAC Lipsticks for Fair Skin

Gorgeous colors, luscious creamy textures, amazing shine – all that and more can be said about MAC lipsticks. So when you go MAC lipstick shopping, how do you choose the ones most suited to your fair skin tone?

Fret not as we tell you the 5 best mac lipsticks for fair skin that are totally worth your money.

Read on.

1. Angel

A bestseller MAC lip shade, this one goes perfectly on fair skin tones as it is not too warm or too cool toned and looks divine with a single coat. Soft pink hue with a frosty finish, this is a must-buy.

2. Brick-O-La

With a rich reddish-berry hue, this lipstick comes with a super creamy texture and a deeply pigmented mid-toned berry color.
It’s a color for all skin tones, fair to dark.

3. Vegas Volt

Orange coral hues are a rage right now and this intense lipstick fits right in. It’s a rich coral color with an amplified MAC formula that gives you a creamy, deeply pigmented finish with lots of bright color.

Put this lip shade on and make it look like summer all year!

4. The Amp

A purple MAC lipstick for the fair skin beauties, it is very flattering and has a lot of pink in it for a girly look.

5. Impassioned

A loud, lush lipstick that is perfect for a girl’s night out with a fuchsia magenta color and an amplified formula.
This super popular MAC lipstick is like a burst of color on your lips with its rich pigment and warm reddish pink tones.